Sunday, June 2, 2013

- randomly -

wuhuu long time not update meyhh..sory 4 my laziness!peww

ysterday was so tired..
went to banting melawat ini budaq my lil sis nadia..registered at KMS (kolej martikulasi banting)
round2 banting n went to P.Morib..

 otw balek find all these goodies kerepek stuff 4 E-day..
huhu E-day stand for engagement day lorr..hoho coming soon..
story E-day will up2 later next entry la yerr..

ni pic last wednesday at nilai 3..
also find stuff for E-day..
yup rght now super duper buzy..lagi2 fighting for d final exm next week!pray 4 me yaw..
after final pack 4 pindah umah plak n rush plak 4 E-day..heww

sorry 4 d not quality pic ;)

 last but not least..
at merisik day past 2 week..kalo x silap..pray 4 us..
insyallah 2 keluarga menjadi 1..ameen..

~ anyo ~

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